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More then 50 years experience

The first craftsmanship of the family De Vignani dates back to the 70s, when De Vignani Germano founded the "De Vignani G e figlio" company. The product lines included drying racks, dish racks, column corker and many other items.

In the 80s , De Vignani Rolando founded the company DE. VI., expanding the previous production by inserting products like non-stick pans.
Then in the '90s, he formed the company C.R.I.B.O. srl, a company which specialize itself in third party painting of aluminium disks for non-stick cookware and extend its range by purchasing equipment for pressing and finishing of non-stick cookware.

With the purchase of advanced machinery began the construction of moulds for internal use to make various items such as pans, pots, saucepans, milk kettles, woks and backing pans and performs also machining on behalf of third party contractors of mechanical parts of various kinds.

In 2007 the activity continued with the third generation CBR, which with innovative technology deals with precision machining and cookware finishing.